What If?

What If?

Last year, there were a total of 106 reported human trafficking cases in the U.S. 80 of these cases were specifically sex trafficking. 106 is a number slightly less than 113 in 2014, and even more so from 126 in 2013.*

While 106 is far better than 126, it remains a large number. What is cause for more concern is this – this statistic is for Pennsylvania only.

The question must be begged – how big does the number have to be before it is worth noticing? I hope your answer is 1. Because for one person caught in human trafficking, they would hope you notice. Beyond your noticing, they would cry out and hope you take action.

It is easy to throw around mind boggling numbers like 20.9 million victims trafficked around the world, $150 billion global industry**, an average of 15,000 victims are trafficked annually into the U.S.** It is easy to shake your head, gaze at the floor and think, “That’s awful.” And it’s true! It’s absolutely, without question, the ultimate combination of the worst injustices on earth.

But what if that number was 1 million victims? 10,000? 1? Would you be prepared to raise your voice and call attention to the need of the 1 victim? Because for that one, you would be a hero forever.

The Harbor will be a haven for all who come through its doors, be it one or many. Healing and restoration will be found here, and you can join North Star Initiative to be a part of this great journey. Because truly, healing one begins with one. It begins with you.