What Caught Me

What Caught Me

When did you decide fighting human trafficking was your fight? When did you believe this fight was worth your time, even if you never personally met the girl you helped to freedom, or the woman finding her hope again at a safe house? On whichever screen you watched your first documentary about trafficking, be it a TV, overhead projector, laptop – when did the eyes staring at you draw you into action?

For me, it began with watching a short documentary at church years ago. The group LOVE146 came to give a presentation. I was 17 years old and thought, “This is crazy.”

Crazy is enough to get someone going. It’s enough to make them think, to send them in search of ways to help. At least, that’s what it did for me. I didn’t dive in deeply, head over heels, immersed in ways to help counter trafficking. And I think that’s an important point to make – it doesn’t HAVE to be a crazy big movement towards helping in this fight; it doesn’t HAVE to be a crazy out-there event to bring awareness to the injustice. It just has to be enough crazy to make your mind spin a little bit.

And that’s where my mind went. My brain spun for months – how can I help fight against this atrocity? After a year or so of helping raise money through car washes, bingo nights and other events that I know were helpful but felt very fruitless, I finally landed on North Star Initiative – and The Harbor.

A fully hatched plan to house survivors of human trafficking? Yes, please! A steadfast group of amazing relentless staff to see it happen? Yes, definitely! A strong, consistent group of volunteers who also believe in this cause? Yes, yes, yes.

A thousand times, yes.

This was the kind of crazy I could get behind. This is the kind of crazy I invite you into. A calculated, inspiring, growing, beautiful crazy.