You Deserve to Volunteer

There’s a long-standing term we use for the hustle of the working world – the “rat race”. What a gross, underwhelming mental image. Everyone is scurrying along, climbing over each other toward the goal with the best aroma. And this is satisfying? A fulfilled life? For some, I suppose. I mean, some people have pet rats. But for most, it isn’t. They hurry to get their day started, they stress and grow grey hairs and fret their way home. And they’re stressed about the next day, week, month.

How to combat this?

There are many methods, but I hope it’s no surprise to you when I say:


Volunteering reduces mental stress, increasing your brain’s vitality. Also, in a study at Carnegie Mellon in 2013, volunteering around 200 hours was shown to reduce blood pressure. It didn’t matter what type of volunteering – helping others is a grant from life itself for more years on this earth. And before you stress about 200 hours – that is per year! And if that still pops a grey on your scalp, statistics also showed lowered blood pressure with only 100 hours, as well. These studies were especially effective on those over age 50.

I think it’s pretty clear – you deserve to volunteer. You work hard, you provide for your family, you don’t let your dog go hungry – you deserve the benefits a few hours of helping someone else can offer.

Since you’re reading this, chances are your desire is to help North Star Initiative, and that’s wonderful! We have plenty of opportunities for volunteering! But no matter where you wish to serve, pause the race for a few hours. You’re not a rat. You will find the best aroma is coming from the place your heart and hands can serve.