Synonymity of Sex Trafficking

Synonymity of Sex Trafficking

‘All four of the men “engaged in acts of force, threats, fraud and coercion to cause young women to engage in prostitution,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.’ *

With my own ears, I’ve heard statements such as, “Women in that [prostitution] industry want to be there.” Allow me to be loud and clear – this could not be further from the truth. Nobody chooses to voluntarily have his or her body used, exploited, mutilated and violated over and over while claiming it to be a joyful occupation. I don’t need personal experience to make my statement true. I’ve seen enough raw footage, spoken with enough social workers and read enough books and articles to know that respect and love live very far from these bars, clubs and streets.

As you go about your day, consider how much “fact” you truly know. If this were your friend, your sister, your daughter – how would you then validate her actions? Often, trafficking is separated from prostitution, one deemed worse than the other. But prostitution and strip clubs are often synonymous with sex trafficking, most often for a reason.

So yes, be aware of sex trafficking statistics; the numbers are important. But furthermore, please, educate yourselves on the emotional and mental state of the women in prostitution. Please nurture compassion towards those caught in the terrifying cycle. I promise whatever small percentage prefers this as a career, the overwhelming majority would trade it in a minute for respect, honor and love.

*Gallo., Jr, Bill. “2 Men Found Guilty of Sex Trafficking at Philadelphia Strip Club”. Feb 06, 2016. Feb 22, 2016.