Survivor Advocacy Team

NSI has created a Survivor Advocate Team comprised of agencies from across Lancaster, York and Dauphin Counties.  An example of team activities is attending court cases as a group during survivor testimony; by filling the courtroom with advocates, we demonstrate to survivors — and to others — that we are committed to supporting them.   Our goal is to help provide survivors a "voice" when they might be too afraid to speak for themselves.  

If you would like to join the Survivor Advocacy Team or learn more about it, please contact  Alicia Corrado at  

Survivor Advocacy Training

North Star Initiative provides yearly advocate training to the surrounding community. The cost to attend is $40. Participants of the training will be introduced to Human Trafficking (Labor and Sex), how victims are recruited, common myths, what’s happening in your county, survivor testimonies, and much more. Come and learn how trafficking is not only an overseas issue, but a back yard issue that has been ignored for far too long. Check out our Events Page for our next Advocacy Training.