What’s your story?

I am always so taken aback by this question.

“Where to start?” I ask myself.

There are so many events that have changed my direction and so many people that have impacted me. There are revelations that have changed me for the better and hurts that have wounded me and still show scars.

But as flawed as it is, my story is still beautiful. Because I know how my story ends.

When people ask, “What’s your story?” what they are really asking is, “Who are you?”

They are asking you to put a label on yourself by explaining what has happened to you.

It could be so easy to think that our story defines us.

A person’s story is the sum total of everything that they have been through in their lives.

What if the labels that came out of your story were words like:




Earlier, when I said I know how my story ends… I hope you do too. My story ends with restoration. One day I will be swept up in the arms of my Savior and all my flaws, all my past, all my sufferings will vanish. I will be made new and my label will be “precious child of God”.

What we hope to realize at The Harbor is a tiny glimpse of this beautiful bigger picture. We hope for restoration of the broken and beautiful endings to their stories.

We understand this will not come easy. But what we want these survivors of domestic sex trafficking to know is that their sufferings do not define them. Their stories are so much bigger than that.

Help us rewrite their stories.