Sound of Success

Sound of Success

The Sound of Success

“Not again, please, not again!”

This has been the recurring plea seen across millions of social media pages, heard across countless cities, states, nations, and felt deeply inside limitless aching hearts.

Another tragedy, more death. How can hope ever remain alive in this time? It’s alien to most of us, the majority of the readers of this blog inhabiting a safe area, free from the threat of attack. Yet we are not immune to the intense sadness of the aftermath of terror.

North Star Initiative is no stranger to terrorism, although we recognize it as a different sort – the fight against sex trafficking. Our fights can feel like we are against an ever uphill battle, much like the onslaught of never-ending headlines of terrorism. So what do we do? How do we soldier on?

We celebrate our small victories – the smile of a new volunteer, a $10 donation, excitement about the Harbor. We collect the fragments of what some would label “failure” and we know it to be a resounding success.

The sounds of success right now are small. But the fact is that they are there, present, waiting to be picked up and trumpeted into something worth celebrating. It’s not a farce, trying to make something big out of a small victory. It’s not a sham.

Like we ought to do with survivors of terrorism attacks, those left behind after a shooting, like we ought to do with survivors of sex trafficking, we choose to empty our pockets of cynicism and fill them with love and hope. Because without hope there is no perseverance. And without perseverance there is no opportunity for love. And without love, there is no sound.

Let there be mourning, grief and hurt. But let there also be the sound, however small, of a sober celebration of the life which is still ours to live, and to live fully.