Shaken Up?

Shaken Up?

“What is that one thing that turns your stomach inside out and makes you want to jump out of your chair and do something about it?”

“What injustice in this world makes you so sick that it will keep you awake late at night?”

I was asked these questions at one point in time and ever since then, I have known the answer.

For me, this inexcusable injustice is sex trafficking.

Does human trafficking shake you up?

Can I encourage you to one thing? …Let it.

Do not stuff it into the corner of your mind, or throw a check at it to help ease your conscience.

Be an Advocate.

Part of our mission at North Star Initiative is to mobilize advocates.  By definition, an advocate has to be passionate about what they are fighting for. If you clicked on the link to read this blog, chances are you have a desire to see awareness spread, to see slaves freed, and to see restoration come to pass.

Being an advocate is where desire and action meet.

The only question left is, what will your action be?

We would love nothing more than to help you get on board.  A great way to get plugged in is by attending our monthly advocate trainings.

If you know you are too comfortable, let us help you step out of the comfort zone and find the action you can take to intersect with your desire.

Souls are being sold for their bodies.

This is not simply a charity. This is not just a cause. This is an emergency.

What are you going to do about it?