The Harbor Restoration Program

Referral Process

Upon Referral

The Restoration Director will review the application and contact the referral source within 2 business days of receiving the referral

We will review the criteria for admission

If a participant does not meet the criteria for admission, we will offer other resources available according to our current resource list

An Acceptance/Denial letter will be provided If a potential participant is denied for any reason, we will offer suggestions to eliminate the barriers preventing her from being eligible and connect her to other resources as determined by our current resource list

If a participant meets the criteria for admission the following process will occur:

A phone interview is scheduled upon receipt of an Application and our phone screening tool is completed Information obtained will be used to make a final determination of participation with the Restoration team (within 3 business days of the interview) An Acceptance/Denial letter with DOE (date of entry) included will be provided Transition plans will be made with the referral source and participant

717-568-2701 ext. 103