There are only two types of people in the world. Those that use their calendars, and those who wonder why “calendar” was pluralized in the beginning of this sentence (because they hardly ever even use one, let alone multiple calendars). If we’re planners, we know two months in advance who will be where doing what on this date and why and the kitchen sink. If we’re procrastinators, we wait until there’s just no other option but to give whatever 100% to whatever was hovering in the schedule of our mind, and we hope it’s decent.

But what if there was an opportunity to meet in the middle? A… plan-astinator, if you will?

These are the hybrid planners and procrastinators, and I have really good news for all of you! You all have the chance to experience being a plan-astinator! You may ask, “What is this rubbish you speak of, this fake, English word to grab my attention?”

I’m talking about the Advocate Training, of course! Sunday, May 1st, 7PM is the training. Today is Friday, April 22. That’s the perfect in-between number of days to satisfy both planners and procrastinators! Mark the date down. Attend the meeting. You will experience camaraderie, be educated, pray for miracles, and meet other advocates.

Everyone will be happy, but most of all, you will be happy, knowing that thanks to plan-astination, you haven’t deviated too far from your true self.

On a serious note, the Advocate Training is truly worth coming to. Returning advocates can attest to this! Come to hear more about the mission of North Star Initiative, learn about the purpose and progress of The Harbor, and become educated on how you can better help fight this toxic issue. We would love to meet you on Sunday, May 1st, 7PM at Lancaster Bible College, Good Shepherd Chapel room 202. And no matter which type of person you are, we welcome you wholeheartedly.

Email info@northstarinitiative.org to register!