The National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance (NTSA) endeavors to expedite placement of survivors into qualified programs that have availability. North Star Initiative is proud to be a member of this collective alliance that seeks to ensure that any survivor, no matter what state they are in, will have access to quality restorative care. Through the Rapid Referral process agencies can find placement for survivors by filling a few forms. The Rapid Referral Process is open to any agency who has encountered a victim of domestic human trafficking, and who is seeking residential care. Follow this process: 

  1. (With the Candidate’s informed consent), download and complete the RAPID REFERRAL form and SCREENING TOOL form. DO NOT include identifying information on either form.

  2. Email the completed forms to referral@shelteredalliance.org

  3. Within 12 hours, your form will be reviewed. Please ensure that contact information is clear and legible, we will contact you for additional information if necessary.

  4. Candidate’s needs will be matched against all agencies that are part of the NTSA database.

  5. Agencies that have availability and the services needed by your Candidate have the responsibility to CONTACT YOU. Do not contact the Alliance to follow up on a submission.

  6. Once you hear from an Agency, you may be asked to follow their application process.

Referring Agencies or Individuals who choose to use this process agree to the following:

  • Your Candidate has been pre-screened as a victim of trafficking. If you are unsure, you can refer to the Screening Tool offered here or any other credible screening tool.

  • You have the Candidate’s permission to submit this form.

  • You and the Candidate understand that submitting a referral does not promise placement. Each agency makes its own decision about who to accept into its program.