Love- the Fairytale

Love- the Fairytale

Love – the Fairytale

All of us have an idea of what “love” is. For some of us it’s Disney fairytales, no matter how old we are. For others, love is a sadistic nightmare, untouchable by humans. Some may understand love to be a precious gift, a compromise, a laying down of oneself. And others still may believe love to be the “care” they receive from their promising “boyfriend”, or the “contributions” they are providing to their family back home.

February 14th, also known as Valentine’s Day by most countries around the world, is by far the most popular day to celebrate love. As it approaches, let us consider the ones who are in the midst of the greatest pretense of love – sex trafficking. These beautiful young girls and boys believe, for the most part, they are part of something known as love. They are promised security, money, faithfulness, only to be struck by the very opposite of all that was promised. The fraud becomes their reality – love is anger. Love is unforgiving. Love is abuse, dependency, death. Love is fear.

Yet this is not the truth, nor the end. The girls who are rescued from this life and find their way to The Harbor will learn where their value lies. There is hope and we at North Star Initiative are humbled and grateful to be part of the journey. This Valentine’s Day, think of and pray for the girls who desperately need this truth – that they are loved and worthy of love.

“Perfect love casts out fear. “ 1 John 4:18

(Christina Berg)