Jesus, Survivor

Jesus, Survivor

In a time when “tell your story”, “be heard” is all too commonplace in the social world, how do you make a lone voice rise above the overused idioms? We know the terrible circumstances that those caught in human trafficking endure, and we know they have a story to tell. But why hear theirs? Why is their specific story of survival so worth the listen? You may have heard of someone else who has a significant story of intense trial, painful and challenging circumstances. His name is Jesus. Jesus, the survivor. We may have never put those two words in the same sentence. Victor, champion, yes. But a survivor? Also, yes.

Jesus has endured every type of torment that the survivors of human trafficking have faced. He has come out on the other side with a glorious story of forgiveness, love, mercy. He has come out a survivor.

Similarly, the women who come to The Harbor have gone through harrowing experiences, and now are survivors with a beautiful story to tell. With the specific, tender care they receive at The Harbor, they will be able to transform their past into a relevant, current story of grace. No longer are they victims of trafficking, but they are survivors with an important message of love. Through their life stories, they will be able to touch others who may be facing similar temptations or trying circumstances. Through finding their own freedom, the women at the Harbor may be able to guide others to freedom. They may be able to point others toward wisdom, toward love, toward Jesus.

I see complete restoration as a circle. When one woman has found her freedom and confidence, she is able to pass on her knowledge to the one standing on the edge of a decision. Jesus had his gospel message; the women at The Harbor have their message of love.

So here is the final, blunt point I’m making through all of this – The Harbor is needed. The stories these women have to tell must get out. But without the healing process, without freedom, this cannot happen. If you have been wondering how you can help in this significant movement toward freedom, The Harbor is how. It costs a lot to run and facilitate the necessary care, so please – visit the website to see how you can do your part to maintain this vital part of the process. Give financially, physically, spiritually, where your strengths are.

The women have an important message to tell. Help them tell it.