Ignite Your Light!

Ignite Your Light!

Ignite Your Light at Light Up The Harbor!

Lights were dimmed. The stage was dark. The audience perched on their seats, straining to see through the curtain. Suddenly, yellow and white light sparkled across the stage as dancers flitted into action. The empty, dark space became a bright, intricate story of capture and imprisonment, then freedom and redemption. A lush quiet bloomed amongst the audience for several minutes. Clapping began, softly for only a second before over 1600 hands applauded the significance of what they had just witnessed.

A spotlight appeared on North Star Initiative’s founder Jen Sensenig as she approached the center of the stage, beaming with joy at the gift the dancers had provided. Her voice was strong as she shared how she was introduced into this world of human trafficking. She looked into the front row of the audience, where her guest of honor waited to be introduced.

“This woman’s story is incredible, and I will let her tell you now,” Jen said, smiling as she and her guest Anny Donewald embraced. Anny turned to the crowd.

“Hello!” she grinned.

From there, it was beautiful storytelling, redemptive tears, passion sailing from the stage to the 800 breathless, listening hearts. Not an eye was dry as she gave her testimony in all its grace and hope. Afterwards, the line to speak with her was wrapped up the aisle and through the hallways.

If you wish you had the chance to experience a night as moving as this one, you are not left out! On September 22nd at Calvary Church in Lancaster, PA, join North Star Initiative at their Light Up The Harbor event. The guest speaker is Mary Frances Bowley, an engaging, passionate author of Make it Zero, and previously, The White Umbrella. Also speaking is a guest survivor, who will share her firsthand experience of the injustices of trafficking. There is even a dessert reception at 6:30 PM before the event begins at 7:15 PM!

The event is free, but please register here:  https://lightuptheharbor.eventbrite.com

This is your chance to help where help is most needed – a home for women survivors of human trafficking in Lancaster County. It begins by igniting the fire in your own heart. Come hear the message of these courageous, passionate women. Come light up the part of you that hates injustice.

Come Light Up The Harbor!