Welcome to the new North Star Initiative blog!

Welcome to the new North Star Initiative blog!

Welcome to the North Star Initiative blog!

Our new blog contains posts from a myriad of ministry writers and from time to time, guest bloggers who will offer insights into the very important issue of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation in Lancaster County and our ministry to serve survivors of what we consider to be the greatest injustice of our generation.

We will post blog update links on our Facebook page.

What took so long?

We’ve been serving the “least of these” since 2013, but we haven’t had an official blog until now. Well, now just seems like it’s the right time, not so much because we have any great biblical or earth-shattering insight to impart, but rather to keep you informed and connected to North Star Initiative in a more intimate and current way.

We regularly receive requests for up-to-date information about the ministry so people can pray more effectively. We also want to share amazing stories of the lives of women that are being impacted by the gospel and the work God is doing through us in Lancaster County, PA.

Why now?

It’s become clear to us that we need to share more detailed information more quickly than we can share through just social media posts or print. Things have been changing rapidly in and around Lancaster and much of Central PA regarding sex trafficking and sexual exploitation such that anything we communicate in a traditional way often becomes obsolete by the time it’s communicated!

Just search the local news sites and you’ll find press on these most important topics hard to keep up with. The awareness that North Star Initiative and its sister agencies in Central PA brings has been significant. People are searching, learning, and stepping up to see that the issue of sex trafficking is being addressed and that survivors are being cared for.

This will be a team effort!

While I am a member of the blog team, you may not hear from me that often for two reasons. First, I honestly hate writing a blog post if I haven’t felt God moving me to do so. Let’s just say there are plenty of people writing a myriad of blog posts on a daily basis, so it’s not as if we are blog deprived. My thinking has always been, if God doesn’t haven’t anything to say through me…don’t post! Guess that’s pretty straightforward.

Second, we want you to hear directly from many of the talented people connected to the ministry. God is working through them every day to fight one of the greatest injustices in the world and we know you’ll appreciate their perspectives too.

God continues to bring peace through the chaos. Where the enemy seeks to destroy, God brings victory! We march on in faith, trusting the One “who is able to do exceedingly abundantly far beyond what we can ask or think”! We look forward to keeping you informed and fully engaged in this work of “restoring women from trafficking. For freedom. For life. Forever.

All of us at North Star Initiative wish you a very blessed 2016!

Jen Sensenig, Founder