Frequently Asked Questions

The Harbor Restoration Program

Should I call you first to see if you have a bed? 

That is not necessary. Start with the application form because even if we are full we have a network of other providers to whom we can send the form and help you find placement.

Will you take a referral who has an open case? 

Yes. Many of our women are affiliated with an active case. You need to provide all necessary contact information about her court obligation and keep us apprised of the progress of the case.

Will I have access to her for the case? 

Of course. Professionals working to help her are outside of her phone privilege time. You will work with the Restoration Director to facilitate communications with your referral.

How do you work court-ordered placements? 

For a woman who is being ordered to our program in lieu of incarceration, we need to include the attorney/court official in the intake process. We can recommend guidelines for the order and provide you with a letter of Conditional Acceptance for the Judge.

What if she has fewer than 30 days clean? 

We strongly encourage that you find local resources for detox/rehab and we will stay in touch while she does that work. If you do not have resources in your area, we may be able to align her with a rehab program in our area, but that does not guarantee she will be admitted into The Harbor. She must successfully complete at least 30 days of rehab before we can consider her.

How can I expedite the referral and intake process for someone who needs immediate relocation? 

Provide as much detail in the application form as possible and send the nature of your urgency to the Restoration Director. We may be able to have your participant moved to a safe house location until she is ready to transition into our program.

What if she’s not yet 18? 

Minors should be referred to minor-serving facilities. Under certain circumstances we can take a girl who is emancipated or whose parent(s) grant us temporary custody.

Does she have to be a Christian to be accepted? 

No, not at all. While we are Christians and our faith is part of the program and activities, we ask only that she be willing to participate in group activities that may discuss faith and not demonstrate hostility towards staff and peers.

She wants to know if she can have her phone, or her car, or get home visits? 

These may be indicators that she is not willing to participate in the program and follow the structure set.