Each Day

Each Day

In the aftermath of a horrible tragedy such as the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, temptation may whisper subtly,

“Look around. What are you thinking?”

“Despair, and give up.”

The same reaction occurs when you hear the terrible, gut-wrenching stories of girls stolen, drugged, captive in a life they never chose. Temptation is cunning, willing you to walk away from the problem, offering you a numbing distraction.

But the truth is there are many more hopeful stories than we will ever hear. It’s easy for media to point out the grizzly details of shootings, and the despicable actions of a pimp. For whatever reason, good news, while more desired by the public, is always less widely reported.

Did you hear the story of the man who, under the belly of a car, saved the life of an injured man? Both men were terrified, praying for their lives. But the one without injuries wrapped his shirt around the other man’s wounds like a tourniquet, and today both men are alive.

Did you read the piece about the three young girls rescued in Oakland? A man and a woman kidnapped them, attempting to force them into prostitution. But in an act of bravery, one of the girls grabbed an opportunity to reach a phone and dial 911 for help.

Yes, each of these victories was preceded by terrible acts. But the point is – each ended in a victory. They ended with justice and enough hope and grace for the day. So while you see, read and hear these horrible stories occurring around the world, stand strong against the temptation whispering,

“Give up.”

“What can you do?”

“Why even bother?”

Stand strong in hope and grace. Each day we say “yes” to hope, “yes” to grace, we can stand a little stronger. And we only need enough hope and grace for each day.