What does courage look like?

Courage is not something that can be bought, forced or faked.  Courage is not something that we can muster up ourselves if we simply try hard enough.

You see, courage quite literally means “a strong heart”.

Some of us have needed courage to face our daily lives.  Some of us have known what it is like to stretch toward the sun, like a weed growing from the cracks in the sidewalk even though we know we may be trampled at any second.

Remember the effort that it took to muster up that sort of courage?  If you look back now, I know you will see that there were plenty of people that helped you along the way. 
Now it’s your turn to help.

When a person is rescued from the bonds of sex trafficking, the fight for freedom has only just begun.  These survivors face a long, hard battle requiring daily courage.


Because when what you have come to know is being perpetually knocked down and abused, you cannot help but continue to expect it.

For the women we seek to serve at The Harbour, courage is not easily attained, but it is so desperately needed.

We want to provide them with tools and resources.

We want to foster growth and maturity.

We want to inspire hope.

We want them to be courageous.

Please partner with us.

Partner financially through secure and tax-deductible donations, which will directly impact and help women rescued from sex slavery. Partner with us via our mailing list so you can remain up to date with praise and prayer requests, and see how your donations are serving the organization. Partnering with us also connects you with the other organizations we work with, such as Not In My Backyard and the End Human Trafficking coalition.

Partner with us in courage.

The fight is underway.