Cold Isolation

Cold Isolation

Bitter cold.

I am talking about the kind of cold that feels like it is burning your skin. Cold that freezes the ground and robs you of your breath the moment you step out the door.

This kind of cold is isolating.

It disconnects us from one another as we try to find warmth and get inside as quickly as possible.

We have experienced this type of weather lately, and we begin to wonder, will there ever be relief?

We know in our minds that Spring is coming, but it doesn’t feel like it.

What if we lost our hope of Springtime completely? What if we did not know that Spring existed?

This is true isolation: to have no hope of outside help or to not even realize that hope exists.

When I think of the many victims of domestic sex trafficking, this is what I imagine they must feel like.





We find ourselves in a culture that is becoming increasingly numb to the atrocity that is sex trafficking. We are, in a sense, becoming more aware of it. But this awareness leads to a callousness. We separate ourselves from them as they are victims and we are not. We leave them out in the cold.

What can bring us together?

The answer comes in the form of snow.

The snow brings us outside and unites us in the childlike wonder that every snowflake brings. Snow redeems the cold.  It gives the bitter winter hope and purpose.

This is restoration. This is hope.
You may ask, what is MY part in this?

You certainly cannot make it snow, but you can help bring hope.

We need to stop drawing the line between them and us.

What does this look like in our community? North Star Initiative seeks to bring an answer.

The Harbor will be Lancaster County’s first restoration home for female survivors of domestic sex trafficking—a place where they will find hope. People will be brought together out of the cold isolation and they will recognize how much this community cares. Perhaps this will begin to eliminate the line between them and us and simply allow us to all stand together for the sake of restoration.
Thanks to you for caring by bringing the isolation to an end.