Bringing Your Action

Bringing Your Action

Bringing Your Action

The commands are clear. “Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.” (Isaiah 1:17)

In a nation such as America, where rights are claimed as easily as breathing, we quickly can forget that others exist who cannot claim justice for themselves. They, the oppressed, may not even be aware they are oppressed, or that they have a life that can be rectified. And there are many in this position.

In the midst of this, our role is not to be overwhelmed with the staggering numbers. Our role is to serve how Jesus served – answering questions with righteous action. When asked if He was the Expected One, he replied by way of pointing to the deaf hearing, lame walking, mute speaking. It was an unexpected reply from the Expected One, but it made more sense than any answer could have.

The challenge I want to give you today is to write down your question, whatever it may be. Then, opposite that, write the action you can take to answer your question. Perhaps it is an easy action, or perhaps you hesitate to write it down because it’s more demanding than you would prefer. But write it down. And then do it.

Similarly, we as advocates have the opportunity to answer the questions about sex trafficking with action.

For North Star Initiative, there was a huge, burning question of, “How can we help?” Truthfully, there are multiple answers, but one action was The Harbor, and it was indeed an unexpected action. This haven of safety is the result of actions, and the result of not one, but all those who believe in justice. North Star Initiative is righteously seeking to correct oppression and bring justice, and through The Harbor, we are able to see evidence of growth.

There are already millions of questions. Bring your action to the table.