Your Community Can Save Lives

 August 2nd, 1984 marked the first National Night Out which involved 2.5 million neighbors across 400 communities in 23 states! It grew into more that just vigils and symbolic efforts. National Night Out is now a night where local law enforcement and communities gather together to host block parties, festivals, cookouts, seminars, etc.

How do we work together as a community to prevent crimes such as trafficking? One of our survivors gives some insight on what to pay attention to. “If you see a young girl with an older guy, that could definitely be a sign that something isn’t right. Trafficking happens at hotels especially, but overall it is hard to see it happening around you…” She continued to talk about how to take action regarding this matter as well. “If you see something, say something! You could save a life!”

National Night Out is dedicated to partnering with the community on raising awareness on drug prevention, human trafficking, neighborhood watches, etc. Law enforcement groups exist to protect us from criminals but for them to be effective at their jobs, we as the community and law enforcement must work together as a team.

North Star Initiative will be a part of Manheim, Pennsylvania’s National Night Out this year! Check out our Events page for more information on how to find us at this event on August 6th, 2019! 

North Star Initiative