National Friendship Day Through the Eyes of Our Survivors

Who do we consider friends? Individuals who are honest, trustworthy, loyal, etc. This National Day of Friendship on August 4th started back in 1919 as a way for Hallmark to celebrate friendship through encouragement cards. As we celebrate this day, think about what friendship truly means to you. Friendship is not something that comes easy for survivors of trafficking. Survivors tend to struggle with trust and relationships when they re-enter society.

One of our survivors here at North Star shares a bit of what she experienced. “ There is no such thing as friendship when you are involved in trafficking. Everything has a cost. Everyone needed to be given something in return…” At North Star, we aim to guide and teach our survivors about healthy relationships and how to maintain them. “ North Star showed me that friendship means that someone cares for me as well as I’m caring for them. The friends I’ve made want the best for me. There are no strings attached…”

National Friendship Day is one that reminds us to take time out of your day to encourage, love, and care for those special people in your life. Survivors of trafficking at North Star can now join in the celebration of healthy friendships staff and residents.

North Star Initiative