Let there be FREEDOM

July 4th has come and gone, the independence of our nation has been recognized through parades, fireworks, speeches, and tributes to those who served. As I sat and watched the displays of affection shown to express the appreciation for the Nation, my thoughts turned again to the Harbor. With a sense of sadness I was reminded that the mental prison our survivors endure daily, keeps them from experiencing true freedom. At the Harbor we recognize that rescue doesn’t always mean freedom. It is through Christ that our survivors can be made whole, it is through Christ that survivors will find true freedom.

Strongholds Break

As most of us know from personal experience, fighting internal battles can be the most draining form of human bondage one experiences. Here at the Harbor, our survivors are constantly fighting internal battles of their own that stem from effects of past traumas.

Our mission at North Star is to break down the strongholds that cause these internal battles! It is through faithful coaches and volunteers that we are able to assist our survivors in their journey of healing. Our staff and volunteers demonstrate to the survivors the chance they have for freedom by showing “how wide, how long, how high and how deep is Christs love” for them, no matter what their struggle may be (Ephesians 3:18).

What does Freedom mean to each of our Survivors?

We took a few minutes to sit down with our survivors at the Harbor home to see what Freedom really meant to them, these are the responses we got :

“Having the ability to make my own choices”

“Having the opportunity to make a new future for myself.”

“Freedom to me is everything I’ve always wanted.”

Final Thoughts

Praying you all had a safe and blessed holiday. As you reflect on how beautiful the gift of Freedom really is, remember to continue praying for each one of our residents here at the Harbor. Pray that God will continue doing His work in their lives by demonstrating how wonderful the gift of complete Freedom is.

North Star Initiative