Q&A Corner: How do women come to The Harbor?

How do women come to The Harbor?

This is the most common question we are asked here at North Star. Read below to find out more about our referral and admission process, and how these women are connected to The Harbor.

Who submits the referral?

Most of the time, applicants for our program are working with or being referred by other persons or agencies such as law enforcement, safe or assessment homes, other restoration homes, family and friends, or social workers. There is a possibility that a woman may apply for our program on her own as well.

What happens once a referral is submitted?

Our priority during the referral process is to determine if The Harbor Restoration Program is a good fit for each and every applicant. First, the application is reviewed for all admission criteria. If for some reason an applicant cannot be accepted because of her current circumstances, suggestions will be made that may make admission possible for her. Additional resources are also provided to her to help her find the appropriate assistance she needs.

Click here to read more about our referral process and admission requirements.

Once accepted, when will she arrive at The Harbor?

Date of entry for applicants depends on their current location, transportation limitations, and other personal circumstances. Our staff works closely with applicants and those who referred them to help her plan her transportation and transition to The Harbor.

So, she has arrived at The Harbor! Now what?

Now, her Restoration Journey can begin! At this point, we help her get accustomed to her new bedroom and living space. We take time and care to inform her of the expectations, obligations and freedoms she has during her stay with us. Soon, alongside our Restoration Team, she will begin to develop her own goal plan and work towards her personal and professional dreams. As a staff, we celebrate her as she begins the process of healing and restoration through counseling, group work, education, and more.

What can I do to help her during her Restoration Journey?

Restoration for any part of our lives is hard work, and our program desires to assist and challenge women to heal physically, psychologically, and spiritually. You can continue to pray for strength and perseverance for our residents to complete the difficult work that their Restoration Journey will demand.

In addition, key portions of our program would not be possible without your generosity. Please consider sponsoring a woman’s participation in the New Life curriculum during her time at the Harbor by giving a minimum donation of $250 today!


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