We asked our Restoration Coaches what brought them to NSI. Here's what they said!

It has been an amazing time of transformation here at The Harbor. At the beginning of 2017, North Star had just three employees, all working towards making Lancaster County's first home for women survivors of sex trafficking a reality. Now we are open, but it wasn't that easy!

One of the most exciting parts about this process was gathering like minded, passionate and Christ serving women under the same roof for the purpose of restoration. Our team has grown significantly, and our work would not be possible without these amazing coaches!

We asked these women, who walk through day to day life with our residents, why they chose to do the work of restoration here at The Harbor. Here’s what they said:


“I really love watching how God takes individuals who have experienced brokenness and redeems them for His purposes. Though I can never fully understand what it feels like to be trafficked, I recognize that we have all been broken by sin and the sin of others. But the Gospel teaches that God can take what is seen as broken and turn it into beauty. I chose to be a coach in order to serve God as He uses redemption to restore the lives of women who have experienced such deep trauma.” 

-Kristin L., Restoration Coach

God has been teaching me how to enter into people's brokenness and walk through their pain with them as He does with us. I love that I can rejoice with the residents as God breaks chains and His love is made known in the darkest places of their lives.

-Jenna C., Restoration Coach

I never really saw myself doing this work, as my current career has been centered around teaching young children. But during my devotions one day, I heard that still, small voice telling me, “You were not put here to be comfortable— go and do the hard things.” When I asked God what that looked like, I was immediately reminded of North Star and that I had seen they needed coaches, so I applied and, long story short—here I am! It’s 100% a “God thing” that I have the privilege of working here

-Allison H., Restoration Coach