“Be Mine”

“Be Mine”

“Be Mine”

Words that we have all experienced at one point or another…. Whether it is coming from the lips of a significant other or just written on a conversation heart on Valentine’s Day, we know that hearing “Be Mine” insinuates a kind of belonging, or a sense of security. We like to belong to someone. It feels safe.

But, what if instead of belonging to someone, we were someone’s belonging?  What if the phrase “You Are Mine” was not a source of comfort, but instead, a suffocating form of slavery?

Treated as a material possession….  One of the biggest challenges that survivors of sex trafficking will have to overcome when they leave will be the understanding that soon, belonging will be a good thing.

Our hope is that at The Harbor, women will discover that they are welcomed into and accepted by a group of people who loves them. Through this example of love in action, we believe that these same women will also come to know the joy of being a daughter of the King.

They will read over and over in scripture,

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1  

They will understand what it means to be loved with a Love that wraps them up, holds them tight, and says, “I’m never letting go.”

This is the type of love we want to provide to survivors of sex trafficking this Valentine’s Day. We want them to hear “Be Mine” from a Savior who loves them… Not a man who owns them.