Appreciate the Drinking Glass

Appreciate the Drinking Glass


Recently I sat down with a friend for dinner. She and I launched into chatter, updates and laughter. The server stopped by to jot down our orders, but had to return a few more times until we had actually looked at the menu. We wanted to try a sample, and it arrived in an atypical, square, finger-high glass resembling an ice cube.

For a second we both stared at the glass, exclaiming at how cute it was and how we’d not seen anything like it before. We finally tasted and decided to order the drink. When it arrived, I was rewarded by my friend’s animated, “What a pretty, tall, glass!” We grinned, and commenced our conversation.

The dialogue quickly wove into deeper personal topics, difficult circumstances and how our hearts were handling them.

My friend leaned back in her chair. “In the midst of hardships, you have to appreciate the small things. You have to remember how to find joy in simple pleasures. Like the kind of glass your drink comes in.” She laughed, the joy she had found radiating from her eyes.

Later that night I thought back to her statement. “You have to remember how to find joy in simple pleasures.”

Everyone has to endure various hardships in their lifetime. They hurt, they struggle, they (hopefully) overcome. And when they overcome, it’s often with a renewed, deeper sense of what holds true value in their life. Love. Truth. Beauty.

Women around the globe need to know the value they have to give this world is not shallow, but those involved in the sex-trafficking industry have any indication of their value stripped away with hurricane winds. Part of the journey to healing, for anyone, is rediscovering the beauty that indeed still exists in life – the breathless beauty of a sunrise, the enchantment of a child’s laughter, the stately, clear drinking glass. Another part is reviving the beauty that resides in each heart – the diamond begging to be shined after the storm.

Perhaps this was you, or perhaps you are in the midst of recalling life’s simple appreciations. Perhaps you had a church, a quiet retreat, a mentor or an excellent book. For those who do not have those options, The Harbor will exist to fill that gap. Women previously involved in sex-trafficking will be given the chance to rediscover the beauty inside of them, in a location designed for that purpose. They will be given the opportunity to quietly remember the delight in a song lyric, the rustling of tree leaves. Slowly and surely, they will be restored to the dignity of who they were created to be. Strong, courageous, beautiful women.

You can be part of this. Share, donate, advocate, visit. Remember the beauty in you that was once dormant, and do your part to restore that in others. Appreciate the drinking glass. It might be simple, yet it is anything but small.