5 Reasons

5 Reasons

5 Reasons I Advocate for Advocate Training

You opened the North Star Initiative email invites, scrolled around the Facebook notifications, and saw the event pictures. Then you thought, “I want to help! What can I do?” Well, maybe you didn’t do that, but I did. And luckily, there was an easy answer! Advocate Training.

Don’t let the name scare you! You are already more of an advocate than you realize. However, there is of course much to learn. After attending an Advocate Training, I reflected on why it was more impactful than my online personal perusing. Here are 5 excellent reasons:

  • Put a handshake to faces and names

I had been reading updates and checking out the pictures, and was beginning to be familiar with the faces and names of those helping to run the organization. The dual-purpose of meeting them in person was they were able to become familiar with me, too! It seems obvious, but I found it was encouraging to know the smiles on screen and paper now knew my face, as well.

  • Meet other advocates

It’s tempting to think I’m the only one interested in becoming more involved. Suddenly, it was a room full of passionate people and me! I met other forward-thinking individuals, connected at head and heart levels, and knew there were others with whom to share thoughts and experiences.

  • Ask all the questions

Am I alone in the fact that I’ll read an article and wish I could raise my hand to ask a burning question? Well, all hand raisers are welcome here! Part of the purpose of Advocate Training is to allow a safe place to ask anything North Star Initiative-related and receive honest, forthright answers. There are also lots of handouts with resource lists, statistics sheets, and other helpful items.

  • Update your fire

Desire and drive typically begin strong with a new passion of mine. Over time, however, if left unfed, they begin to wane. If this is also you, the very act of attending an Advocate Training will increase and reignite your passion for fighting against human trafficking.

  • Prayer stations

Part of my appreciation for North Star Initiative lies in the fact we embrace the power of prayer. At the Advocate Training, I had the chance to join other kingdom-level thinkers to pray for the issues at hand. It was a powerful time, and I left knowing that in only a few sacred moments we had shifted mountains.

One person can certainly make a difference. But imagine connecting with dozens of like-minded individuals, making a difference, together. You can learn a lot on your own via the inter-webs. But at the training, you learn in person from those who have stepped further into the mission and carry a deeper knowledge of the subject. If you’ve been on the fence about going, I’d say hop off that fence and at 7 PM on April 3rd, head over to the Lancaster Bible College, Teague Learning Commons, Room 509. It is more than just your time – it’s also time which, indirectly, will help the one we seek to restore.